Civil Department

Civil Department


Civil engineering is a professional engineering disciplines that deal with the Design, Construction and maintenance of the physical and naturally build environment.
It is generally linked to knowledge of Structure, Material Science, Geology, Soil, Geography, Mechanics and hydrology etc.
Civil engineering use their knowledge and skill to Plan, Design, Construction and maintain project, such as Motorways, Bridge tunnel and Dams. Advance computing techniques help civil engineer to design building, road and bridges which are safe against earthquakes, fire, wind show and landslide in a better and convenient way. Day by day increase in population and growing economies increase the thirst for major construction and design project. This provides numerous opportunities for civil engineers.
The faculty and students are engaged in frequent visits to various construction sites which add to advancements in their practical knowledge with up gradation to the latest techniques. The labs are equipped in a way to provide best and most efficient practical knowledge to understand basis and applied concepts including the research.
 Job Prospects

•    Construction engineering
•    Hydraulic engineering
•    Coastal and ocean engineering
•    Transportation engineering
•    Materials engineering
•    Structural engineering
•    Earthquake engineering
•    Urban engineering
•    Environment engineering


The various laboratories which are functioning under the Civil Engg. Department are equipped with latest testing & demo. equipments. The students are made conversant with all the modern learning and teaching techniques.

The details of various laboratories established under this department and latest equipment are listed below:-

•    Surveying Lab
•    W.S and S.E Lab
•    Highway Engineering Lab
•    Computer Lab
•    Hydraulic Lab
•    Soil Testing Lab
•    Construction Material Lab
•    Structure mechanics lab
•    Concrete technology lab