HOSTEL……. a place to unfold and share the best of you !!

We extend a warm welcome to you in our hostel, a student friendly home. We invite you to be a part of our family, So come, join us, learn with us and grow with us.

We nurture you into a potential citizen of our country and make you capable of facing all the challenges of life.  Both the hostels for boys & girls have all the facilities for a comfortable stay. Enjoy the verdant environs with dew drop freshness while you sip the morning cup of tea. An evening tea, serving a variety of snacks would invite you every day at 4.30 p.m. 

We have our supervising team available at both morning and evening hours to help you out in case of physical ailment and when you need any emotional assistance. So your parents need not worry about you anymore as we are there to make every moment of your stay at C.R Polytechnic hostel, cherishable, enjoyable and valuable. 

Wishing for your happy stay.



Hostel committee & wardens.



The hostels are located in the college premises. There are two hostels, furnished with modern amenities :



The hostels make a big family, which consists of students from various districts of Haryana and other states as well. An atmosphere of mutual consideration and friendly co-operation coupled with care and comfort makes the hostel an enjoyable place to live in and a quite place to do serious study and relax. All assistance is given to the individual student to adjust himself/herself effectively to all aspect of college and hostel. 

We have no doubt that the hostel residents will endeavour their best to create an atmosphere conducive to academic pursuits, besides displaying a high sense of discipline and decorum at the campus.


Well furnished rooms to create home-like environs.

Bathrooms with high grade sanitary fittings to take care of your hygiene.

Medical support is provided immediately by taking ward to the medical and is taken care by the hostel warden and hostel committee.

Artfully designed Reading Lounge that provides a suitable academic ambience for longer study hours without disturbance.

One spacious mess hall treated regularly with disinfectants to maintain hygiene, provides sumptuous breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Recreational room is set to play many indoor games such as badminton, carrom board, chess, table tennis etc.

A Common room equipped with a television to switch on channels of your choice and tune your evening according to your mood.

Magazine and newspapers are available to read any time.

Telephones are allowed for an hour in the evening between 7:00 p.m to 8:00 p.m.


Mere submission of application form does not ensure admission.

Admission priority will be given to the freshers, rest depends on the availability of seats.

The Principal is the final deciding authority for admission to the hostel and may refuse admission to any student without giving any reason.

Hostel seekers are to get clearance from the Hostel Admission Committee before seeking admission to the institution. 

The student should deposit the fee on the date of her admission; otherwise her admission will be treated as cancelled. Fees once paid will not be refunded only security will be refundable.

Hostel seat is allotted for one academic year only. Admission shall be sought afresh in every academic session.

The seat may be denied to the old resident if her conduct, attendance and result have not been upto the mark.

All students, old and new, seeking hostel accommodation are required to fill in the hostel form at the time of applying for admission to the college.

The students are required to bring their three passport size photographs, two passport size photographs of parents and two passport size photograph of local guardian at the time of joining the hostel.

The students seeking admission to the Hostel are to submit the Hostel Form appended to the Hostel Prospectus on the day of college admission, duly signed by the parents / guardians.



The principal may inspect the hostel every now and then to ensure the residents are comfortable and are also utilizing their time for studies.

The Members of the Hostel Committee will inspect the hostel frequently.

The Principal / Hostel Warden reserve the right to censor correspondence of the resident.

All rooms, including almirahs and belongings, are open to inspection by the persons authorized by the Principal.



Good vegetarian Indian & Chinese food at reasonable rates is served in the hostel.

No reduction is made in the mess charges even if a resident stays away.

Meals will be served in the dining room only. Food is not to be brought to the room without the permission of the Hostel Warden.

Residents must observe meal timings. Meals will not be served before or after the fixed hours.

Residents are expected to come properly dressed to the dining hall.

The cooking area is not open to the residents.



Furniture will be provided by the College. The residents will be held responsible for any breakage or damage to the furniture and other hostel property. Repair charges for any damages including electric switches, window panes etc. will have to be paid for by the resident concerned. He/She will have to return the furniture issued to her, before she leaves the hostel.

The hostel residents should not paint or paste posters on the walls and doors of their rooms / corridors. Defaulters would be fined.

Residents are warned against tampering with the electric installations. Lights and fans must be switched off when not in use.

Use of personal electrical appliances in the hostel is strictly banned.

Cooking in the room is prohibited. 






At the time of joining the  hostel, the Parents / Guardian are required to submits to the Hostel warden, the name and address of the local guardians on a specified form.

Identity card will be issued to the parents and local guardian by the hostel authority.

An undertaking is received by the parents of approving  the local guardian.

Only three correspondents are allowed to meet the ward whose identity is registered by the warden.

Students are allowed to go alone only due prior permission of their parents.

Parents are advised to check the attendance card, sessional results of their wards. 



In case of loss of Identity card of the local guardians, a duplicate card can be issued only in presence of the parents. 



A resident is allowed to meet visitor only with the prior permission of the Warden and after making an entry in the visitors register.

The visitors will meet their wards in the reserved place.

No parents / Guardians are allowed to go to the residents room.


Resident who wish to vacate the hostel during the session must apply to the Principal in person through the hostel warden. The presence of the parents is mandatory for this purpose.



Outing will be allowed to residents (including sports persons) only with parents / local guardians.

However, the students may be given permanent authority by their parents on a printed Performa on the basis of which they may be allowed to go out on their own (Printed forms will be available with Wardens).

The resident should positively return to the hostel  by 5 pm otherwise she will not be allowed to enter without the permission of the Principal.

Residents will not be allowed to stay in the summer during the hostel vacation after the university examinations (theory and practical) are over.

Students are expected to report on the day of the reopening of the college after holiday, failing which they are liable to face strict action.

If a resident regularly overstay, her seat may be cancelled.