A home for learner !!!

The college library is a big space providing about 80 seats in tiered, girding wooden tables. It’s a place absorbed in silence and peace and provides an apt ambience for the students and staff to concentrate and understand the subject content better. It is a house of resources that aid in research and development.

Now the library has grown in size, collection and services and it is housed in  new building of the main-block of the institute with its growing resources, space & services.

The library caters to the need of faculty and students 

Different sections are constructed to discritize the subject contents and make it convenient for the service lenders.

•   Total books of 31016 serves worth content value.

In terms of titles, availability is 8358.

The library subscribes to  many national  journals.

The library is abundant in rich collection of journals, periodicals, books, newspapers and manuscript along with the reference sources including dictionaries, encyclopaedias, hand books, year books, Atlas etc.

Weekly mangazines accounting to 9 are subscribed in diverse realms.

There is a library advisory committee to observe the proper functioning.

•          It serves a seating of 70 students girded with a peaceful ambience.

Services Offered

The following services are rendered by the library : - 



Orientation programme for freshers 

Bibliographic services 

Reprographic services