To generate sportsman qualities, our institution pays special attention on sports and games. It has a well maintained and equipped playground. Trained sports personnel help the students to develop their interest in games and provide coaching to them to the accepted standards.
Our Institutions organizes Annual Athletic Meet which is presided by the Chief-Guest. 
  • Gymnasium centre has been provided for health upkeep of students and staff members. It is fitted with the latest and state of the art equipments for different physical exercises. 
  • The institute lays adequate emphasis on student participation in various outdoor and indoor games, track and field sports. 
Sports facilities

The following sports  infrastructure facilities are available in the instituition
  • Athletic Track (400 mts. Track wide 24’ width 6lanes each lane 4’wide) 
  • Hockey Ground (100 mbs. X 60 mts.) 
  • Football Ground (115 mts. X 75mts.) 
  • Volleyball Ground (9mts.X18mts.) 
  • Handball Ground (40mtsX 20mts).
  • Basket Ball Ground (28 mts. X16mts.) 
  • Kabaddi Ground (40’ X22’mts) 
  • Table Tennis court 
  • Cricket Pitch 
  • Badminton court
  • Multipurpose Gymnasium Hall (40’X100’) 

Achievement in Haryana Inter-Polytechnic Sports Meet

Result of Games in Haryana Inter Polytechnic Sports Meet 2017-18

Sports Medal
Hockey Gold
Handball Bronze
Kabaddi Silver
Badminton Bronze


Best Athelete (Boys):-

Sr.No. Roll No. Name Discipline
1 150170700034 Pankaj Civil Engg.
2 160170900034 Rahul Elect. Engg.


Best Athelete (Girls):-

Sr.No. Roll No. Name Discipline
1 170170800021 Pooja Comp.Engg.
2 150170716014 Savina Civil Engg.