Anti Sexual Harrassment

All employees and students of the institution have the right to be treated with dignity and everyone  has the right to be protected against harassment. The institution  holds the responsibility to identify and prevent sexual harassment and to develop a culture of dignity and respect in the day-to-day conduct of its workplace. It will respond promptly to the reports of sexual harassment and will take appropriate steps to ensure a disciplined behavior that violates this and, if necessary, facilitate legal action.
Punishment for Harassment
  • Warning 
  • Written apology 
  • Bond of good behavior 
  • Adverse remarks in the confidential report 
  • Debarring from supervisory duties 
  • Denial of membership of statury bodies 
  • Deniel of re-employment 
  • Stopping of increments/promotion. 
  • Reverting demotion, Transfer, Dismissal 
  • Withdrawl of residential facilities and prohibition from entry on the
The following committee has been constituted for the girls (staff & girl students) for any type of sexual harassment at the working place. 
1 Sh. Ashok Deswal, HOD Chairman
2 "Sh. Ravinder Rathee, Sh.lect. Member
3. Ms. Manisha Hooda, Lact. -do-
4. Sh.Ravi Nandal, Lect. -do-
5. Sh. D.S Nandal, Parent Representative. -do-

Sh. M.S Hooda, Brig. (Retd.) will be special NGO assistance.

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